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December 5, 2011

“TEPCO said it was able to stop the leak by stacking sandbags around a crack found in a concrete barrier around the condensation unit. The company said the sea water around the drain had a slightly higher level of a radioactive substance — cesium 137 — than usual. TEPCO said it is still working to see how much contaminated water may have reached the ocean.”
After a complete lapse of media news information on the Fukishima Daiichi meltdown since late May (the only information I personally found online was substantially current a communications between two nuclear scientists saying that cesium levels were 32,000 times recommended levels about 80 miles south of Tokyo and quite a distance from the accident itself) USAToday and other news outlets have an additional bit of information. Today’s article not only speaks of increased sea water levels of cesium, but has a video of international news discussing briefly that the head of the recovery program on Japan has been hospitalized with what may be radioactive poisoning from the spill. The article goes on to compare this meltdown with a Level 7 catstrophe on par with Chernobyl, which is like saying that a PGA tournament is on par with with the local friday night PuttPutt tournament; not hardly a rational comparative unless you know nothing about golf. What has happened in Japan caused cesium 137 levels to be found in cow’s milk in Alabama 8 days after the accident. It is going to effect the health of Tribes in New Guinea who have no idea what a car is let alone nuclear energy because of radioactive high altitude winds and rain (which is how it got to Alabama so quickly). There isn’t a human being breathing that this won’t effect in one manner or another. Even as the news showed several months ago a flood going right to the doorstep of a local plant, threatening a similar accident here in Nebraska, The United States and General Electric continue plans for half a dozen more of these plants to be newly built. A quick question would be; why? It is the most expensive, having ten times increased the cost of electricity since its inception, and the only lethal way, to turn on a light bulb. A quick answer might be; its also the most profitable to corporations, especially GE, and to the government since we own the technology that is initially installed. Only problem? It just doesn’t work. Not safely. This is the third major nuclear disaster since we were told it was so safe and would provide such cheap energy that we just had to ignore any concept of choice in the matter. As reference to that fact we will direct anyone interested to the website of the University of Science and Philosophy, and the home of the work of founder Walter Russell, who was the discoverer of the last seven transuranium (radioactive) elements known to mankind. Albert Einstein paid a serious amount for a bootleg copy of Dr. Russell’s work while he was still in Europe, a treatise on atomic substances. There is a letter written by Einstein to Russell under glass at the University stating that he wished he had a glimpse of what Russell totally knew on radioactivity and its science. Russell’s book, Atomic Suicide, written with his scientist wife, Lao, was a bestseller in the ’60s, and the science expressed there hasn’t changed, even if the greed of corporations has. The fervor in pro-Earth demonstrations that was literally clubbed silent in the 1970s and ’80s as nuclear energy took a grip on the American wallet, and the corporate interest in it, needs to be found again. What has happened in the world is appalling. Ask your elected representative what we are doing with the lethal poisons, true human pesticide in the form of nuclear waste, and if he’s honest he’ll explain we are stuffing it in the Rocky Mountains and that exponentially it will spread there until it can kill us all, as an earthquake or other natural occurrence in weather and disaster breaches this grand idea of what to do with it. We have tens of thousands of years to find out, because that is how long it remains lethal.
I really don’t care if its Republican or Democratic or Libertarian leadership that takes over the reigns; its mandatory its someone who recognizes gross greed and stupidity and puts a squelch on the nuclear tide that GE has been pushing for 50 years now. Just like tobacco, their entire claim of need is based on a lie that ignores the guaranteed element of death. No one should just take my word or Russell’s word for it: study the issue yourself and see what conclusions you come to. Mankind need s to get a grip on reality; nuclear fission has become a codeword for power and strength, and you’d think it was synonymous with discovering how to make gold and diamonds out of ordinary dirt, instead of death by cancer causing radioactive poisoning. Watch Japan. There is a reason that if you visit they’ll pay for the hotel and reimburse your flight costs once you are there. Do not allow the media outlets to go silent again; they will give their audience whatever they ask for in a continual stream, as long as there is a demand. We need this information. In May, we were told that possibly in two years Japan might have a method of adequate and safe containment. Possibly. It was estimated. And then the news went so silent that many of my intelligent and educated friends thought that guessing had already become a reality. Today’s article demonstrates it has not and probably will not. The man in charge of fixing it is dying from the attempt. We are in a terrible situation, and GE and our government would like to build new plants while we try an improvise a solution to this meltdown that is a worldwide problem, not just Japan’s. Japan should have been leading the Earth in technology that utilized wind, solar and tidal energies. Their island nation was an ideal laboratory for it. Instead we are about to watch them lead us in nuclear accident related deaths. Sometimes intelligent men and women have no notion at all what the real way of tomorrow is, or even if there is going to be a tomorrow in any sensible interpretation of the word.

The Japanese have found another leak. There are “higher levels than usual” of cesium in the sea water. What they fail to mention is that there isn’t supposed to be any at all if we aren’t discussing lethal problems to humans.